Task Killer ProMax Plus 3.8

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Task Killer ProMax Plus

**The Task Killer ProMax Plus version has the added ability to kill applications simply by shaking the phone using the accelerometer and is free of advertising.**

Task Killer ProMax Plus is the best, lightest, effective and updated Task Killer of 2011 on the Android Market.

For those who still have doubts about the functionality of the program try to kill the process System with this Task Killer(only if you have activated the Expert Mode) and see what happens. Who else can kill this process?

For best results it's recommended to have a rooted smartphone, but even without it still works very well.

Features: kill (simple and rooted), cpu and mem usage, open, uninstall, ignore list, autokill and much more...

For any communication, bugs, feedback or send me an email to ma.buonomo@gmail.com

Follow me on twitter: mariobuonomo

Developed in Naples(Italy)
Sviluppato a Napoli(Italia)

It Works! Try It!

It's designed to run on Android Froyo 2.2 and Android Gingerbread 2.3, previous versions are not supported since the previous systems have a different structure for the management of processes.

If you want to help with the translation in your language please send me an email. It 's very simple, there are a few phrases to translate. I will insert your name in the credits in the program ;)

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